Where Do I Begin?

We offer a variety of classes, workshops and events to teach several different percussion styles and to provide different drumming experiences. All classes are open to you, but should you like recommendations, we also suggest two different tracks that can provide a meaningful, ongoing drumming experience.

Our "Technique Track" emphasizes percussion technique training that is designed to prepare students for studio playing and/or performance.

Our "Health, Wellness and Spiritual Track" emphasizes drumming for community and wellness. It is designed to help students maximize their experience in drum circles and community drumming while exploring the health and spiritual benefits of rhythm and drumming.

Technique Track

If you are interested in learning various techniques, we suggest you start with "Intro to Hand Drumming". This class is designed to teach you basic hand drumming techniques for African drums and to start playing songs. We hope that you will enjoy this experience enough to take the "Hand Drum for Beginners" class, which builds upon previous classes as you become more skilled and confident. With all the fun you will be having, why not continue with more structured drumming ensemble classes called, "Women Who Groove." If you get really good and want to start performing, you can try out for "DrumHeart" and play to your heart's content all over the Twin Cities.

Health, Wellness, and Spiritual Track

Many of our programs are designed to help you celebrate the seasons and life events with drum circles and other percussion traditions. You can participate in local and worldwide drumming events where we channel our collective energy to improve our lives and our planet. Participate in "HealthRHYTHMS®" to enjoy the benefits of stress reduction, self-expression, support and spirituality, all while making music in a comfortable, nurturing setting.

Special Programs

The world of drumming and percussion is too large for just two tracks so we also offer courses and events that highlight different instruments and percussion styles.

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