Frame Drum Making Workshop with Wayne Manthey (Co-Ed)

Participants will make their own frame drum using materials provided by the instructor. The process begins with a pre-constructed wood frame. Participants then select the hide for their drum and begin the process of covering the frame. Wayne walks the class carefully through each step sharing stories about the drum and his experiences guiding people through the creative and spiritual journey of drum building. There are no words that can completely describe what it feels like to make your own drum.

Location: Women’s Drum Center

Date: October 7, Saturday, 12pm – 5pm

Cost: $140.00 (13” drum) $165.00 (16” drum)
Class is limited to 15 members, please register in advance to guarantee your spot. Drop ins will be accepted if there is space.

Instructor: Wayne Manthey

Instructor Bio: As I started making drums, I was especially interested in the vibration of rawhide and the sound it makes. The healing properties of a drum are found in the elements that make it: wood and animal hide. Making personal frame drums is a journey that is individually and spiritually meaningful. Teaching drum making classes involves storytelling and introspection. The drum symbolizes the heartbeat of life, the heartbeat of community. It is not simply an art form, but a tool for cleansing, centering and focusing one’s intentions for health and happiness. Drums teach responsibility. Making them is an honor, a meditation, and continue to reveal lessons for me as well.

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