Follow your interests / Find your drum style - Classes are open to all experience levels unless a prerequisite is stated.

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  • Classes are for Women and Girls unless specified (All Womxn welcome!).
  • Age requirement is 12 years old and up unless specified.
  • Due to COVID we are not accepting drop-ins at this time. Registration is required so we can maintain safe class sizes. Please let us know your interest in joining us at least two days in advance by emailing us the class, your name, and our phone number to:


In order to provide a workshop or class rather than canceling, workshops and classes with fewer than 4 participants may be changed into an individual lesson format. This may change the session length but will provide more individual attention. If a participant does not want to agree to these terms, she has the right to receive a refund.

Currently, if you pay for a workshop or class but do not attend, no refund is given. If your plans change, you must let us know before the class begins. Thank you.