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Board of Directors

Would you like to be a part of our wonderful Women's Drum Center?

Come be a board member! There are typically 4 - 5 meetings a year, with each meeting lasting approximately 2 hours. Click here for a job description. Please contact Marisa Cuneo-Linsly at 651-235-7858 if you would like to inquire.

2016 Meetings:

January 25th, March 7th, April 11th, Annual Meeting September 12th, October 29, and November 14th

**For a copy of board minutes, please contact us.**


  • Bettie Seitzer

  • Pam Newsome

  • Wendy Jedlicka

  • Susan Anderson

  • Nancy Doyle

  • Loretta Mallak

  • Kristine Kosek

  • Lin Nelson-Mayson

  • 1

Retired Board Members:

Chris Harnack, Jeanie Rowe, Michelle Chapin, Lena Jones, Anne Dennison, Emily Antin, Linda Melcher, Carol Magurany-Brotski, Cheri Bunker, Marisa Cuneo-Linsly


Contractors (part-time staff):

Executive Director - Marisa Cuneo-Linsly, (since 2008)

WDC Marketer - Wendy Jedlicka (since 2016)

Administrative Assistant for drumHeart - Pam Newsome (since 2015)

Web Masters - P. McCabe and S. Minor (since 2016)


Deborah Cuneo (since 2001), Marisa Cuneo-Linsly (since 2008), Alyse Emanuel (since 2016), Chantise Hunt (since 2015), Wendy Jedlicka (since 2014), Jo Klein (since 2012), Rachel Nelson (since 2011), Nicole Radotich (since 2010), Jeanie Rowe (teaching individual lessons since 2009), Lori Schmidt (since 2016) 



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